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Vivat Jesus! (August 23, 2014)

Congratulations are extended to the following for their dedication and support to Fr. Habets Assembly and the KofC mission:

SIR KNIGHT OF THE YEAR Sir Knight Gene Tortone
FAMILY OF THE YEAR Sir Knight Stan and Lady Dolores Schnell
Annual Assembly Membership Dues: Per instructions distributed by the Faithful Comptroller, please make payment online, by mail, or see the Comptroller.

Navigator's Report 

All Assembly officers with (four) stand-ins were officially installed on the 27th of July by the District Master. The DM reminded everyone our priority should be to recruit new members and perform patriotic functions.

My wife and I attended the Supreme Convention the first week of Aug in Orlando. I was an elected delegate; this was an experience of a life-time.  There were approx. 100 cardinals, bishops, and priests processing up the aisle for daily mass.   What a sight to see! There were meetings and award programs by day, the state dinner and a dining out with our Virginia delegation at a Brazilian steak house. Gary Sinese, from Forest Gump and a strong advocate of the wounded warrior (WW) program was the banquet guest speaker. Supreme has partnered with the Sinese foundation to remodel and built homes for the wounded warriors. If anybody’s interested in attending the Supreme convention in the future it will be held in Philadelphia, Toronto, and St. Louis.

We’ve had two funerals within a week. They were SK’s Thornburg and McNulty.  I appreciate the honor guard members who were able to attend. The Chalice ceremony team (PFN’s Rodriquez, Mele (Thornburg), Burke, and Foley (McNulty) did a great job at both funerals.

The PFN dinner was held this past Saturday night.  There were approx. 80 people in attendance. The State reps were PSD O’Donnell and State Warden Blakeburn. The evening went off well.

Our Assembly open-house will be held here at Fr.Habets on Sunday 7 Sep at 2:00. If you know any 3rd degree Knight who may be interested, invite them. Hopefully, we can bring them on board our patriotic degree. Applications can be filled out and screening done at that time.

Standard practice in the past was and is for potential candidates to be screened for eligibility.  Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson in his report at the convention advised not to use “no time to devote” at this time as a determining factor whether we bring them into the order or not.  He said, we can’t pre-judge why someone doesn’t have the time now but things in their life can change and they may have time for the order a later time.  Let’s remember this when sponsoring and screening a prospective member.

Sept’s meeting will be on the 24th at Msgr. Mickle council 14263 at Cape Charles. Those that are able to attend we will meet at the bridge tunnel parking lot at 6:30 to car pool.

Vivat Jesus,
FN Stan

Assembly Officers

Title Fraternal Year 2014-2015
Navigator SK Stan Schnell
Spiritual Adviser (Friar) * Rev. Mr. Vernon J. Krajeski
Captain SK Shawn Hutchings
Admiral PFN Steve Zeeryp
Scribe SK Jim Snead
Comptroller SK  Anthony Avery
Purser SK Kevin Cassidy
Pilot SK Earl Reid
Inner Sentinel SK Marcus Cook
Inner Sentinel SK Martin “Woody” Wood
Outer Sentinel SK Michael Flanagan
Trustee 1 Year PFN Frank Green
Trustee 2 Years PFN Melvin Pritchard (temp appt.)
Trustee 3 Years PFN Ed Malana
Color Corps Commander * SK Shawn Scharf
Associate Color Corps Commander * SK Richard Conrad
SK Andy Bair
Lecturer * SK Ed Hamilton
Bereavement Chair * SK Arthur Sanchez
VAVS Chair * PFN Glenn Rodriguez
Website Mgr * SK Wayne Phelps
Chalice Team * PFN James Burke
PFN Daniel Foley
PFN Angelo Mele
PFN Glenn Rodriguez
PFN Ed Malana
PFN Tom Mowry
Master of Ceremony*PFN Gene Tortone
Admissions Screening Chairman*PFN Steve Cogan
Membership Chairman*PFN Steve Zeeryp
* Appointed annually by the Faithful Navigator


RECURRING•    3rd Mon each month – VAVS Birthday Party.
•    4th Degree Corporate Mass – Holy Spirit – Breakfast - TBD
•    Monday prior to 4th Wed of month – Officers meeting – Salt Meadow Bay Apt’s *(except Sep- & Apr-? Fr. Habet’s Bar room)
Aug 20142-9 Supreme Convention (FN attending as a State Delegate)
18  VAVS Birthday party - Hampton
23  (Sat) – 1800 – Dinner – 7:30 Past Faithful Navigators (PFN) night – Fr. Habets
27  (Wed) – ASY Business meeting – Fr. Habets -- VetsHouse guest speaker
Sep 20147   (Sun) – 1400 - ASY Open House – Fr. Habets
7   (Sun) – 1700 - Exemplification Hospitality Room Planning mtg.- Fr. Habets
15  VAVS Birthday party - Hampton
24  (Wed) – 1930 - ASY Business meeting – Monsignor Edward Mickle Council 14263, Cape Charles (Eastern Shore)
We will meet at 6:00 at the CBBT parking lot on the VA Beach side to car pool.
27  (Sat) – Neptune festival parade
Oct 201410  (Fri) – 1300 - USO/WW Golf Tournament – NAS Oceana (see flier)
12  (Sun) – Eucharistic Procession – Star-of-the Sea
22  (Wed) – ASY Business meeting – Pope Leo 10804 – Holy Family
Nov 20141   Exemplification – Double Tree, Koger Center, Midloathian, VA
8   (Sat) – Special Olympics – 7:30
11  (Wed) – Veterans Day parade
25  (Tue) – ASM Business meeting – Fr. Habets
Dec 20146    (Sat) – ASY Christmas Party 6:30, Dinner - 7:30– Fr. Habets
13  (Sat) – 0900- Albert G. Horton Wreath Laying Ceremony
Jan 201517  New Sir Knights Night (Sat) – 6:00, Dinner 1930 -– Fr. Habets
28  (Wed) – ASY Business meeting – (Renewal of Obligation) -  Fr. Habets
Feb 20158   (Sun) – Chaplains Appreciation Dinner - 5:00- Dinner 6:30– Fr. Habets
20  Lent Friday Night fish fry’s – Thu night before for Hall Set-Up
25  (Wed) – ASY Business meeting – Fr. Habets
27  Lent Friday Night fish fry’s – Thu night before for Hall Set-Up
Mar 20156    Lent Friday Night fish fry’s – Thu night before for Hall Set-Up
13  Lent Friday Night fish fry’s – Thu night before for Hall Set-Up
14  (Sat) – St. Patrick’s Day parade
20  Lent Friday Night fish fry’s – Thu night before for Hall Set-Up
26  (Wed) – ASY Business meeting – SJA 13467 – St John’s
27  Lent Friday Night fish fry’s – Thu night before for Hall Set-Up
Apr 201522  (Wed) – ASY Business meeting – Kempsville 10515 – St. Mark
•    Elder Law attorney – Linda Sheffrey
May 2015TBD – Spring Exemplification
9    (Sat) – Ladies Appreciation Night – 6:30, Dinner -7:30 - Holy Family
27  (Wed) – ASY Business meeting – Fr. Habets
23  (Sat) – Pungo Strawberry Festival parade
25  (Mon) – Graves visitation (Memorial Day)
Jun 201524  (Wed) – Awards Night  7:00 -

Prayer List (August 31, 2014)

† SK William T. McNulty, 8/14/2014 † SK Michael Thornburg, 8/8/2014
† James Joseph Henry III, SK Jim Henry's father 8/20/2014 † Velma Quinter, SK Ted Quinter's mother 7/16/2014

Activity Pictures (Mar 15, 2014)

Fish Fry Fridays 2014
Military Chaplains' Appreciation Dinner, February 9, 2014
New Sir Knights Dinner on January 25, 2014
Christmas Dinner, December 14, 2013
PFN Dinner & Dance, August 24, 2013
Ladies Appreciation Dinner 2013
New Sir Knights Dinner on April 7, 2013
Fish Fry Fridays 2013
Military Chaplains' Appreciation Dinner, February 2013
Christmas Dinner, December 14, 2012
Exemplification on October 27, 2012
PFN Dinner & Dance, August 24, 2012
Military Chaplains' Appreciation Dinner, February 2012

New Sir Knights Dinner on January 21, 2012
6th Annual USO Benefit Golf Tournament on Nov 14, 2011
Veterans Day Parade on Nov 11, 2011
Veterans Day Parade on Nov 11, 2011 (City of Va Beach photo)
Exemplification on Oct 29, 2011
PFN Dinner/Dance on Sep 11, 2011
Strawberry Festival Parade, May 28, 2011 (video - see Knights at 4:15)
Ladies Appreciation Dinner 2011
Military Chaplains' Appreciation Dinner, February 2011
Mass for confirmation candidates, NAS Oceana Chapel of the Good Shepherd, 13 Feb 2011

New Sir Knights Dinner, January 2011
Christmas Dinner, December 2010
Special Olympics, November 2010
Fourth Degree Exemplification, Oct 2010

PFN Dinner/Dance 2010
Ladies Appreciation Dinner 2010
New Sir Knights Dinner 2010

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